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Do you want to know more about cycling directions?

Cycling directions is a component of the bicycle that is mounted between the frame and the fork. The directions ensure that the front wheel rotates correctly and smoothly and consequently that the address change does the same. The directions have different measures, but the most usual is 1-1 / 8 " .

They are characterized by having bearings , which are what allow the fork tube to turn and facilitate the movement of the wheel.

There are two ways to classify the addresses:

- Thread directions are mounted with large outside nuts, locknuts and threads. They are characterized because the power (component attached to the handlebar) is not part of the fork's joint. To use them, it is necessary that the steering tube is also threaded, since this way it will be easier to join them. As the main advantage, with the thread directions it is possible to regulate at what height the handlebar is wanted.

- The addresses ahead are the most used today. In your case, the fork tube is smooth. The fork will not be subject to the frame. To install them, it is necessary to tighten the screws of the power so that it embraces the tube of the fork. In the upper part of the power, there is a screw connected to the steering spider, which will prevent movements. With the directions ahead you can not raise or lower the handlebar again. There are three types of directions ahead:

Conventional : the bearings go in external cups.

Integrated : there is no need to use cups.

Semi integrated : the bearings, together with the cups, are integrated into the steering head.

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