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Outdoor Headwear

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Do you want to know more about outdoor headwear?

Mountain clothing and materials have evolved over the decades. In recent years, this evolution has accelerated, partly due to the increase in the popularity of outdoor sports, leading to the appearance of new fabrics and materials that provide us with more safety and well-being in our mountain adventures. The technical evolution of fabrics also means that currently there are specific garments for each activity: from less technical pieces for less demanding activities such as trekking or hiking, to very technical clothing for mountaineering, ice climbing, etc.

Apart from knowing how to choose what clothing or material suits us according to our activity, we also have to know how to use them. It is important to keep in mind that the functions of mountain clothing are protection, comfort and safety.

How to choose outdoor headwear.

There are a variety of accessories for our heads in outdoor activities. Some of their main purposes are to keep us warm and protect us from the wind, cold and rain, and absorb sweat, keeping our heads dry at all times.

Outdoor bandanas protect the upper part of the head, wicking away sweat and keeping the head dry.

Neck warmers or tubes are extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways (such as scarf, hat, bandana, mask, balaclava, hairband, wristband, etc.), to protect you against the elements during outdoor activities. There are also those that incorporate new technical fabrics such as Windstopper, Coolmax or Polartec. They are seamless, which gives them elasticity, providing total freedom of movement and avoiding rubbing with the skin that could be annoying.

Hoods are usually made of fleece that offers protection against the cold in a very comfortable way. They can include a layer of microfibre that covers the nose and mouth, and a double layer of microfibre in the neck area that provides even more warmth. They can also have an adjustable strap that allows you to tighten the hood in front.

The headbands are usually elastic and can be made with super absorbent fabrics, to wick away sweat from the forehead at high temperatures, or with warmer and insulating materials, such as Polartec, to offer maximum protection against cold.

Hats and caps are an essential complement. They offer UV protection, as well as sweat wicking and fast drying properties.

Balaclavas offer comprehensive head-to-neck protection. They insulate from the cold and wind with a high degree of breathability and humidity control.

Visors offer protection from the sun and heat and are adjustable to fit each head, making them comfortable to wear.

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