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Do you want to know more about GPS heart rate monitors?

GPS heart rate monitors are an electronic piece worn on the wrist and differentiated from conventional heart rate monitors because they have a built-in GPS that calculates the distance traveled, in addition to the pace and speed.

The GPS heart rate monitors are classified within the optical heart rate monitors , which are located on the wrist and calculate the heart rate through an optical sensor that is located in the back that is in contact with the skin. The LED light of the sensor captures the oscillations of the blood to know the pulsations of the sport.

Keep in mind that a heart rate monitor with GPS will consume much more battery and sometimes, can last for days or even a few hours, since GPS is one of the functions that uses more battery. Also keep in mind that GPS will increase the price of the heart rate monitor.

If your training or competitions are outdoors, a GPS heart rate monitor is usually recommended, otherwise you will not know the pace you have maintained or the distance you have traveled.

GPS heart rate monitors can have interchangeable straps to improve durability, comfort or even style. The straps can be made of leather, silicone or steel.

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