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Do you want to know more about Heart Rate Monitors and GPS?

GPS is a mobile electronic device that guides users to a specific point or tells them what their geographical location is, by means of a satellite tracking system.

GPS is used for several areas, but the best known is for driving, where users use this device as a guide to help them reach a specific destination. Drivers enter their desired destination into the device and the GPS, in a matter of seconds, calculates the fastest route, the distance to travel and the approximate time it will take to arrive at that destination.

As well as for driving, this kind of device is being used increasingly for sport. For outdoor sports and long distances, especially in mountainous areas, GPS is very useful to avoid athletes from going off track or if they do get lost, to help them orient themselves and guide them back.

GPS used for sport are more compact than those used for other areas. In this way, portability is easier and they do not get in the way of physical activity. There are two major types of sports GPS: - Portable GPS. These are traditional GPS devices but smaller and specially designed for sports use. They include precise maps, compass, altimeter and barometer, among other functions. Their smaller dimensions make portability much more comfortable and simple. In addition, most can be fixed to supports that attach to the body of the athlete or vehicle, such as the bicycle. - GPS watch. These are watches with an integrated GPS system. They usually feature general maps, which are easy to read so they can be used in any sport. However, those designed for the practice of golf stand out because of their receptor function, which provides users with information about the distance between the point where they are and the front, centre and back of the course.

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Garmin Forerunner 745 Black
Lightweight and powerful device, perfect for multisport activities.
I have been using the Garmin Forerunner 745 for a few weeks now and I am very satisfied with the purchase. Before buying the watch, I hesitated between several models, limiting the search to models that allowed for heart rate counting underwater and that had navigation options (route tracking). Of all the options, I chose the Forerunner 745. I am not used to wear a watch and I wanted a lightweight device (only 47g). Also other factors that helped the choice is the very complete Garmin Connect application and the security options (Livetrack) that the watch incorporates (important if you go alone). After some weeks of use, everything has seemed correct to me. All the metrics obtained are reasonable. Maybe, sometimes more information than I need. Perhaps, if I had to look for something to improve, it would be the battery life. In normal use (1 hr/day activity with GPS) I have charged the watch every 5 days. Regarding the Deporvillage service, I am satisfied with the purchase, the watch arrived on time and in perfect condition. I will repeat again.
Garmin Forerunner 935 Black
A good sports watch
Good. Tracks my runs and rides.
Garmin Forerunner 745 Red
Excellent good product
What I wanted
Coros Pace 2 Premium Navy Blue GPS Watch with nylon strap
Does what it says
Good watch, easy to use and the roller button function means not having to struggle with clothing and touch screens.
Garmin Fenix 6S PRO pink white with white strap
Perfect and simple to use
I an use for everything
Sigma iD.GO HR Sports Watch Black
thought I had died
a bit framatic but, its smaller than expected and is not instantaneous with HR, no matter how wet the strap is, or the body but need to remember, this has basic functionality so for the monet is does what it should.

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