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Do you want to know more about Heart Rate Monitors and GPS Fitness?

The GPS is an electronic , mobile device that guides the user to a specific point or tells him what his geographical position is, by means of a satellite tracking system. However, there are clocks that have integrated a GPS system. They usually carry general maps, easy to read, so they can be used in any sport and also incorporate a GPS heart rate monitor so you have more control of your training.

Heart rate monitors are devices that measure heart rate in real time and help athletes stay within their proper limits of heart rate in order to carry out optimal workouts . Strive to the maximum or train in extreme conditions does not mean you are getting the most out of training. Any athlete or athlete, regardless of their level of training, needs to train at the right intensity. And to achieve this, it is necessary to have a heart rate monitor or sports watch that measures the heart rate at all times and also provides other important information about the type of physical activity to perform more complete and personalized training.

Fitness pulsometers are the smartest way to optimize exercises, achieve goals and improve fitness. These sports watches, which serve as a starting guide in training based on the control of heart rate or calorie burn, are designed for those athletes who want to know if they are improving their fitness or burning fat. The new pulsometers do many things more than calculate your heart rate: they are small personal trainers that record your routines and help you improve your results.

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