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The GPS is a mobile electronic device that guides the user to a specific point or tells him what his geographical position is, by means of a satellite tracking system.

The GPS is used for several areas, but the best known is the driving of vehicles, where users use this device as a guide to reach a specific destination. The driver enters in the device the place you want to reach and the GPS , in a matter of seconds, calculates the fastest way, the distance that will be traveled and the approximate time it will take to arrive.

Another area that increasingly uses this device is the sport. For outdoor sports and long distances, especially in mountainous areas, GPS is very useful so as not to get sidetracked and, in case of loss, to know where you are and how to get back.

The GPS used for sport have smaller dimensions than those used for other areas. In this way, portability is easier and does not disturb physical activity. There are two major types of sports GPS: - Portable GPS . They are the traditional GPS devices but smaller and specially designed for sports. They include precise maps, compass, altimeter and barometer, among other functions. Its small dimensions make portability much more comfortable and simple. In addition, most can be hooked to supports that attach to the body of the athlete or vehicle, such as the bicycle. - GPS watch . They are watches that have integrated a GPS system. They usually carry general maps, easy to read, so they can be used in any sport. However, those designed for the practice of golf stand out because of their receptor function, which provides the user with information on the distance between the point where he is and the front, center and back of the greens.

For cyclists, there are specific GPS devices specially designed for the practice of this sport. They include supports to anchor them to the bicycle and advanced functions, both training and navigation.

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