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The Rudy Project Wing57 helmet is a revolutionary new breakthrough from Rudy Project. Rudy Project is preparing to revolutionize once again the market for cycling helmets. For lovers of triathlon and time trial, here is a new highly innovative, technological product, the result of an intensive engineering research project carried out in collaboration with the guru of aerodynamics in the United States of America, John Cobb: the helmet Rudy Project Wing57 .
Built on the foundations of the successful and award-winning Wingspan (the helmet most used by triathletes in the toughest triathlon race in the world in Kona Hawaii in 2011 and 2012), the Wing57 was tested in the wind tunnel and is faster than any of the best helmets of its category.
Designed with the help of legendary aerodynamic guru John Cobb, the new Wing57 has undergone extensive testing in the wind tunnel to become the best TT helmet on the market. Rudy Project and Cobb have developed a unique geometry tail that works best for all TT positions and back profiles. Tested to beat the aerodynamic helmets, the Wing57 will be, without a doubt, the best aerodynamic helmet on the market for triathlon and cycling.

Characteristics Rudy Project Wing57 Helmet:
Vortex Killer System
One of the main results of the advances of the scientific combination of the geometry of the helmet in general and the two lateral openings: the purpose is to help in the straightening of the air flow on the back of the helmet. To assist in the management of these Vortex low pressure points, which create friction and instability, the air is directed through a patented channel system on the neck and shoulder areas at a different pace or volume outdoors in the opposite direction , we call this invention Vortex Killer or Air system Straightener. This system considerably increases the ventilation inside the helmet: the air creates a zone of high / low pressure, on each side, so that the air coming from the ventilation on the right goes to the opposite side and then flows outwards. And vice versa for the other side.

Customizable Air Management
The Rudy Project Wing57 is equipped with a set of removable and modular front covers, one closed and one in a mesh configuration, which will allow you to manage the air flow inside the helmet. You will be able to control ventilation and aerodynamic efficiency depending on environmental conditions and maintain the efficiency of your body.
The closed configuration offers the best aerodynamic efficiency, but the least ventilation. It is recommended for short / medium competition where time is the most important.
The network configuration has a very good compromise between ventilation and aerodynamics. This allows the air to pass through the vents and cool the temperature, while protecting the head against insects. Likewise, it maintains a very good aerodynamic efficiency.
The open configuration is the best solution for long distances and for hot weather conditions. Maximum ventilation is definitely necessary to keep the cyclist cool.

Dorsal Ridge
Inspired by sharks, the Wing57 dorsal crest helps the conversion of lateral forces into a forward force, as if it were a long-tailed helmet.

Central Pressure Balance
By reducing the length of the tail and adding material to the top (dorsal Ridge), we have passed the center of pressure of the helmet forward in order to better match the center of gravity of the user's head. This for a better weight balance and avoid the forced shaft rotation due to the force cross winds.

Directional Flow
The new shape of this helmet offers all the advantages of the NACA wing shape (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics), but avoiding the energy cost of the alignment in that way due to crosswinds.

Drag and Torque Forces
More aerodynamic efficiency, less fatigue. A long-tailed helmet ensures exceptional efficiency in the event of a headwind. In most cases, however, environmental conditions are variable, during long runs against the clock, for example, often the air hits the hull laterally with a candle effect that the larger the surface of the hull in question, the greater it will be the effect. This imposes a number of tensions on the muscles of the neck in order to keep the head in the same position. With optimally dimensioned front and side sections, and the innovative short tail design of the Wing57, they reduce torsional stress and therefore fatigue, and allow you to focus fully on sports performance.
The Dorsal Ridge effectively deflects the air flow, thereby allowing the athlete to go faster, with less energy consumption.

Jet Stream
Design of the tail in a personalized way. The Wing57 is equipped with an additional and removable magnetic aerodynamic tail that can be added as its extension, improving its performance depending on the pilot's back and shoulder configuration.
The flatter the shape of the cyclist's back, the greater the distance between the helmet tail and the body surface. The aerodynamic tail is designed to reduce the gap between the hull cover and the back in the form of planes and improve the Vortex Killer effect. This results in greater aerodynamic penetration and increased dispersion of hot air from the head.

Removable Aero-Optical Shield
Unprecedented optical protection, when it goes fast. The fully integrated screen will ensure maximized and aerodynamic protection while eliminating annoying glare and eye fatigue. Based on the advanced polycarbonate technology of Rudy Project RP -Optics, the Wing57 visor combines state-of-the-art coatings with optical protection against harmful UV rays to minimize eye fatigue.

Snug Wrap System
Save time in the transition. From their own experience on the slopes, Rudy Project engineers have developed a brilliant solution to adapt to a helmet in the shortest possible time. The pads are made of antibacterial material with ergonomic padded cushions designed to transmit the air flows and noise from the outside.

Race Simulation Test
The battle against time is a matter of results. Wing57 has been developed and tested in the Pininfarina advanced wind tunnel, taking full advantage of the aerodynamic experience of guru John Cobb and the Rudy Project engineering team.
Data extrapolated using the most sophisticated mathematical models have demonstrated the unmatched aerodynamic efficiency of the Wing57. The results of a comparison with the main rival helmets, obtained by measuring the resistance of a representative sample of the corridors with the rear parts of different shapes and different angles, have shown that the Wing57 is the helmet with the best aerodynamic performance.
Reference: RU-HL53003

Quick Overview

The fastest and most aerodynamic triathlon helmet in the world.

Quick Overview

The fastest and most aerodynamic triathlon helmet in the world.
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