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Do you want to know more about cycling helmets?

Cycling helmets just as glasses and gloves provide safety on the bike. Although their use is not mandatory everywhere, it is highly advisable and necessary to prevent head injuries in case an accident occurs.

Bicycle helmets must be lightweight, providing maximum ventilation and safety.

Bicycle helmets have a maximum lifespan of 5 years. After this time, the materials that they are made od deteriorate, losing or reducing shock absorbation and compromising, in this way, the safety of the user. That is why it is recommended to replace them after this time. It is also convenient to change it after a fall or a blow, because, although it may not appear to be damaged nor has exhausted its recommended use time, it may no longer protect adequately since its shock absorbation could have been affected.

How to choose a bicycle helmet?

Choosing a helmet is not easy, since the range models with different prices is endless. Helmets for children can be purchased from 14 euros. For adults, you can find a good helmet from about 20 euros, although some cost more than 85 euros. A higher price is not a guarantee of higher quality, so when choosing your helmet you should bear in mind the following features:

- Safety: the price of a helmet is determined, especially, depending on the material, weight and comfort, but in no case, for the level of security, since all helmets on the market must be approved according to with the European standard EN1078 .

- The shell: high-end bicycle helmets are manufactured using an In-mold process in which the outer part and the polystyrene of the inner part are joined together in a single piece, increasing the resistance against impacts and improving the the transfer of impact energy. If, on the other hand, the shell is stuck to the interior material, there is a greater risk of it coming off. One-piece helmets are generally more expensive, since their average price exceeds 50 euros, while in the attached models the average price is around 35 euros.

- The outward appearance: striking colours or reflective stripes contribute to better visibility.

- The retention system: the clip type, with two pieces of plastic that fit inside each other to close and open by pressing the sides, is the most practical system. Also check its strength, by giving a strong pull to see if it opens easily. Whatever the type, it must have a padded piece under it to protect the chin from rubbing with the strap and prevent the skin from being pinched when it is clipped together.

- The ventilation holes: at first glance it is difficult to check their effectiveness, since this does not depend on the number of holes, but on their design and position. Some contain mesh to keep out insects.

- The inner padding: the helmets usually have washable and comfortable padding which is sometimes, microperforated, for better breathability.

- The visor: can be put on and easily removed for the sun and the branches of trees. It is very common in mid-range MTB helmets.

How to adjust a bicycle helmet?

The effectiveness of a helmet depends in large part on its being well adjusted at the moment of impact. Therefore, you must use the contour adjustment system. Some models have simple cushions or an elastic band. However, the most precise adjustment is achieved with a plastic ring (rock-lock) that surrounds the entire helmet and fits the size of the head by means of a wheel on the back. This adjustment piece must be attached to the helmet by means of flexible plastic elements.

It is also necessary to adjust the length of the straps so that the helmet cannot move, without making it uncomfortable (check that you can open your mouth). Make sure that the regulation system is easy to use and that you do not need to repeat the operation each time you fasten your helmet. Try stretching the straps to see if they give excessively.

The helmet should be placed in a horizontal position, neither tilted towards the nape of the neck nor thrown over the eyes. When moving your head quickly, the helmet should not move from its position, nor compress your head.

The straps should go around your ears, never cover them. You have to make sure that the helmet does not interfere with your hearing or vision. Always wear it fastened, for your own safety and that of the people behind you.

Opinions featured in Cycling Helmets

Giro Aether MIPS Helmet Red White Black
Top quality.
Very happy with my purchase, very well packed and will definitely buy again.
, the
Abus Tec Tical 2.1 Helmet Blue Silver
Superb item
High quality good fit
, the
Abus Aventor Helmet Matt Black
Great design - v. comfortable
Quality and design justify the price
, the
Kask Valegro Helmet White
Good purchase
Very good quality, light weight and fits well
, the
Limar Air Speed Helmet Black
limar air speed : great helmet
Met my requirements, just need to get used to the new magnetic buckle
, the
Abus Aventor Helmet Blue
Good quality. Great value.
Good quality. Great value.
, the
DPV Centaur Helmet grey dark orange
Brilliant value and comfy.
Looks great and feels great fantastic value. Head wasn’t overly sweaty on a warm summers trail riding with very little wind
, the
Limar Air Star Helmet Blue
Unbeatable price
It's perfect in all respects
, the
AlpineStars Vector Tech MIPS Helmet Black Yellow Red
Safe, comfortable and looks great.
Quality fit. Feels great. Excellent safety features.
, the
Mavic XA Pro Helmet Black
We need more gravel specific kit!
I'm nearly 60 years of age and to my shame have never worn a helmet. However new gravel bike is somewhat quicker than previous. Honestly I'd rather not where a helmet at all but this is a great looking design at an affordable price plus it make me feel less vulnerable so this improves the ride dynamics and overall experience. Ps the visor is removable so that makes for clarity of vision if you ride more prone.
, the
AlpineStars Vector Pro Helmet Dark Grey
Top quality
One of the most comfiest helmets i've ever worn, excellent choice
, the
Endura SingleTrack II Helmet Black
Brain scrambles!
Light airy and comfortable. Bought as replacement for same helmet damaged in accident, kept brains inside skull - what more can I say?
, the
Bell Sanction Helmet Blue Silver Red
Safety beyond measure
If you need a helmet for your kids which protects their teeth, get one from a company that makes crash helmets for real
, the
Bell Super Air R MIPS Helmet Grey
Looks great
Haven’t tried on the trails yet but looks great,
, the
Giro Syntax MIPS Helmet Black Red
Giro Syntax MIPS Helmet Black Red
Was delivered very quickly and packaged well, slight rip in the box, but the product was safe (could have lost the tyre levers through the hole though). Removedthe helmet from the box and fitted, it was easy to tighten to the right head size and feels extremely comfortable. I have already used it three times and you don't really ntice you have it on. Very happy with the helmet and pray I never have t test the MIPS part of the product. I would recommend this product to others and Deporvillage as they where best priced out of all the sites I have visited.
, the

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