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Uvex Finale Helmet Light Grey with Variomatic Photochromic Visor
Loving the photochromatic visor
I wanted a visor that is usable in differing light conditions. Most manufacturers offer replacable visors with different type tint (clear or tan). The UVEX with the photochromatic visor version offers an automatic light adjustment. It is still a bit early days to find out what the darkest tint will be, but so far having used only in winter sun conditions it does what it says on the tin. Time will tell. Colour wise I originally wanted a medium steel grey one, but it was not available in my size at the time. Then I thought that light grey is actually better for being seen by others, such as fellow car drivers. It has grown on me an I now very much like the colour. The straps are well adjustable and come with a easy-release push button.

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