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Chiruca Breton GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Green
The best for hunting
Protect your feet in very good comfort
, the
Asolo Finder GV GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Dark Grey
Very light!
I usually wear the heavier Asolos, but they were out of stock. These are much lighter and very comfortable!
, the
Asolo Falcon GV GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Dark Grey
Great hiking boots
Looks of this shoe bought me over. They are also relativly light for what they are. Since I've gotten them I have gone on two 5km walks on gravel (one dry, one in rain) and one 10km hike with various terrain (soil, rocks, tree roots). Sole of the shoe is exellent, it grips very well even if your conntact surface is small. Nothing got stuck between the lugs except little rocks here and there while walking on asphalt. Shoe stayed dry in rain but felt a little damp after so remember to air them out after long walks. In the begging of the hike shoe felt really comfortable but keep in mind that it has GoreTex lining so if it is above 20°C your feet will sweat after half an hour. I got some heel blisters but I will invest in some good socks next time. Stock insoles seem ok, just don't have a lot of cusioning. Shoe gives you medium anckle support and that was just what I needed. Lacing can be better as it doesn't really stay thigt while lacing. Getting in and out of shoe feels really nice as the materials you contact are soft and smooth to touch. Toe protection is very good also. As far as sizing goes, I meassured my feet at 28cm so I bought size 44 1/2 EU (10UK) which is 29cm (Mondo Point) for Asolo shoes. Fits realy good. Don't go for anything less than 1cm longer than your feet. At least regarding Asolo products. Price was 123€+15€ DHL tracked shipping that arrived very quickly even a day earlier than predicted.
, the
Lowa Renegade Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Black Women
Great LOWA quality
Great LOWA quality and the wife thinks they are fantastic
, the
AKU Conero GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Black Grey
Very reasonable priced
I've been using a pair of these hiking boots for over 15 years now, and finally they could be replaced (but still no immediate need!). So far I only fit-tested this pair, and they're still as my old pair. I have no doubt I will again do many hiking trips and kilometers with this new pair!
, the
AKU Superalp GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Grey Orange
Best Walking Boots
I absolutely love these boots, did not need breaking in or anything. Perfect for all weather conditions although a bit warm in high summer.
, the
AKU Tribute II GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Brown
Great hiking!
I did buy a pair back in 2008, and they lasted till last month! Have been around with them: Bayrisch Obergebirge, Harz, Sandsteingebirge Boemen, so I had to get another pair. Got new boots, put them on and it was, like I was wearing my old ones!
, the
Mammut Nova III Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Grey Blue Women
Extremely comfortable
These boots have met all expectations.
, the
Chiruca Torcaz GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Brown Green
What i expected. Absolut I will recommend it to other hunters.
High quality. Recommend to other hunters.
, the
Timberland Chocorua Trail GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Brown Women
High quality
High quality.
, the
AKU Superalp NBK GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Brown
Fabulas boots
I've owned the original Aku Zenith boot for the last 12 years it's never leaked and they are still ok today. Reason for new ones was I needed something with a little more aggressive sole for grip. If I get 12 years out of these too I will be very happy. They take a little braking g in as they are quiet stiff but one worn in there comfy. The best boot I've ever had .
, the
Chiruca Breton GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Green
Breton Boa
Good fit and construction ...will see how the hold up over time.
, the
Helly Hansen The Forester Hiking Boots Brown
Very good quality
Highly recommend shop.
, the
Helly Hansen The Forester Hiking Boots Brown
Very comfortable
Great quality, very comfortable, only time can tell but am hopeful for these shoes
, the
Chiruca Muflón GORE-TEX Hiking Boots Green
Happy customer.
Have loved Chiruca boots for years. Glad to find a site with good prices and timely delivery.
, the

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