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HOKA is a French brand founded in 2009 that revolutionised the footwear industry with its unique focus on cushioning and ergonomic design. HOKA was inspired by the need to reduce impact on steep mountain descents by designing a sole with more generous cushioning than conventional. This was the starting point for the brand and its distinctive philosophy: more cushioning, less impact. With the launch of its first model, the Mafate Speed running shoe, which has been updated and improved to the present day, it gained the acceptance of elite runners and amateurs alike.

The essence of HOKA lies in combining aesthetics with technological innovation. The key technology that drives performance and comfort in HOKA footwear is the Meta-Rocker cushioned midsole. Its curved shape on the outsole mimics the natural shape of the foot and promotes a smoother toe-off with every stride, reducing stress on the joints. Another crucial component of HOKA technology is active geometry which optimises biomechanical efficiency. This translates into a smoother and less fatiguing running experience, ideal for both elite runners looking to improve their times and amateurs seeking greater comfort on their daily runs.

While running products are HOKA's core business, the brand has also introduced specific models for trail running, hiking and other outdoor activities. The HOKA Clifton shoes are known among runners for their lightweight cushioning and ability to deliver a smooth running experience. The HOKA Speedgoat is a trail running model known for its rugged traction and durability on uneven terrain. What's more, Hoka has successfully ventured into the world of walking and active lifestyle footwear. The HOKA Bondi shoes have become a popular choice for those looking for comfort on long urban hikes.

HOKA's presence in running culture extends beyond its products. The brand has established strategic partnerships with elite athletes and has sponsored various running events and competitions. This community engagement has helped to establish HOKA as an influential force in the sports scene. HOKA has proven that a revolution in footwear design can come from a unique and bold approach. Its commitment to comfort, performance and innovation has earned the trust of runners of all levels, cementing HOKA as an iconic brand in the world of athletic footwear.

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