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Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5 Trail Shoes Blue Yellow Grey

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Hoka One One
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MenNeutral PronatorTrailHoka One One Trail Footwear Hoka One One Trail Footwear

The Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5 trail shoes include a breathable, minimalist upper material. They are fast and lightweight for a smooth run. They also have various lugs in the sole to provide great traction when you're running off-road. On the heel, the lugs are closer together than around the toes for a smoother and more consistent run. Around the toes they are further apart for better traction on wet routes and terrains. The design is versatile and suitable for any surface.

- Double mesh layer in the upper for better breathability, stability and support
- Extended toe for improved durability
- Opposing design in the heel to improve stability on all terrains
- Made with a Meta-Rocker midsole for more natural run and reduced impact
- Large EVA midsole for improved cushioning with no extra weight
- Sole with 4 mm lugs for traction on any surface
- Heel sole: 28 mm
- Forefoot sole: 23 mm
- Drop: 5 mm
- Weight: 266g

- Meta-Rocker shape
Midsole with this design provide little difference between the heel and the toe. The outsoles are fitted around the heel and toe for a unique level effect that helps guide the foot as you run. This design offers a natural feel to the runner, a comfortable reduction of impacts and an improvement in running efficiency.
Reference: HK-1104093-BSP
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Quick Overview
"The heels on the Challenger ATR 4 ensure sufficient traction for walks and hikes even when the ground is wet."
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Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5 Trail Shoes Blue Yellow Grey
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