Outdoor Hydration

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Do you want to know more about outdoor hydration backpacks?

Hydration bags are one of the most popular accessories for lovers of trail and long routes. These backpacks have a water storage system, or other liquid such as isotonic drinks, inside and a very thin tube that allows the intake of liquid without the need to stop.

In this type of sports being always hydrated is very important to maintain energy and perform physical activity without any problem. That is why hydration packs are such an important accessory, because they provide the athlete with the possibility of longer distances thanks to its easy and comfortable hydration system.

When choosing a hydration pack for outdoor activities, it is important to take into account the following factors:

Storage capacity It is important that the backpack has enough liters capacity but without going overboard, since, the higher the capacity, the more the backpack will weigh, and this is not recommended either. To avoid damage to the back by carrying more weight of the account, and an unpleasant training you have to carry the necessary capacity, no more, no less. Three liters is the ideal capacity.

Fabrics and materials . When practicing outdoor activities, carrying a backpack can be uncomfortable due to the heat produced in the back. That is why we must take into account the fabrics and materials that have been used to manufacture the hydration pack. They must be breathable fabrics that absorb sweat quickly and control heat effectively. In this way, the exit will not be uncomfortable and the back will always remain dry.

Opinions featured in Outdoor Hydration

Salomon ADV Skin 12 Set Hydration Vest Carbon Black
Salomon ADV 12 vest
Of very high quality, looks brilliant and very useful
Hydro Flask Wide Flex Cap 946 ml Bottle Khaki
good quality of product. I bought for work.
Salomon ADV Skin 12 Set Hydration Vest Yellow White
Great trail run bag
Very high quality. Great materials. Lots of pockets. Ergonomic fit. Minimal movement when running. Awesome colour
InStinct Reflex Belt Black
Hide all my fats…
Can take all my running essentials.
Dynafit 500 ml Flask Fluorescent Yellow
Durable as it can be..
Durable to all terrain and weather.
Salomon Active Skin 4 Set Hydration Vest Black
Good quality
Very comfortable
Hydrapak Tube Magnet Grey
Good quality
Very practical, I recommend it.
Hydrapak Blaster Bide Valve Grey Blue
Good quality
Fits perfectly
Salomon Soft Flask 500 ml Standard 42 mm Blue
Excellent quality
It met my needs
Salomon ADV Skin 5 Set Hydration Vest Black Grey
Ideal size.
I love the size, it fits a lot of things and is very light and adjusts perfectly so that it doesn't move around at all.
Camelbak Octane 25L Hydration Backpack + Crux Deposit 2L Black grey
Very good quality.
Very high quality product. The only thing it's missing are more pockets and internal compartments, MULE style.
Salomon Active Skin 4 Set Hydration Vest Black
Just like in the picture.
It fits quite well and meets my needs
Salomon 3D 600ml Bottle Transparent
Lightweight and clean
Easy to remove
Salomon Soft Reservoir 1.5L Blue
An essential
Indispensable for me

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