Ice Axes

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The ice axes are essential complements in high mountain ascents, which complement our reinforcement and security. They are designed to practice ice climbing and mountaineering outings, in general.

Normally, the peak of the ice ax is made of metal, and in it, there is a hole to tie ropes, straps or carabiners. On the ice ax we also find a strap to adapt it to the fit of our hand.

The sizes of the ice axes range from 40 to 90 cm in length; The curve of the pick of the ice ax helps to obtain a greater grip in case of sudden sliding and allows it to stay stuck in the ice or snow.

Opinions featured in Ice Axes

Petzl Summit Evo Ice Axe Orange
Excellent axe.
Light weight and excellent build quality.
Petzl Linkin Removable Leash for Ice Axe
Very good material
Good but didnt try yet

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