Since its creation in 1994, the New Zealand brand of functional sports, open-air and casual style fabric Icebreaker takes advantage of the climate regulation properties of merino wool. Processing in several layers of high-performance natural fiber helps to obtain ideal garments for outdoor activities. The fabrics of this outdoor clothing protect against the cold in winter and keep the body cool when the temperatures are more temperate, in addition to being odorless.

The philosophy of Icebreaker is based on sustainability and the close relationship with nature. With wool from the Southern Alps, in New Zealand, Icebreaker is today the leading brand in merino clothing. And if this is so, it is also thanks to the combination of the best qualities of traditional merino wool - renewable, recyclable and biodegradable - with synthetic fabrics and cotton, which helps them to obtain soft, non-stinging, breathable garments, with prevention of smells, body temperature control in both cold and heat and a perfect fit and freedom of movement.

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