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Infisport Faster Energy Bars Orange Lemon (28 Pack)

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The energy bars Infisport Faster Orange / lemon bar are taken when a high intensity and continuous effort is practiced and we must eat foods that provide a quick energy to the muscles, otherwise, they will not be able to continue working at the same intensity.
But also in those moments, fruit of the high metabolic level that the organism has to be able to contribute this energy, a large amount of free radicals are produced, while the metabolic acidity rises.
Free radicals can cause damage to the same muscle cells, therefore, it is essential to neutralize them.
We must also neutralize the organic acidity so that the enzymes responsible for supplying energy can continue to do their work.
Faster Bar is a bar totally different from the others in composition and with the extraordinary natural flavor of pressed fruit. Its consumption in times of high energy demand helps to continue the effort, while protecting the body against the damage caused by free radicals and neutralizes excessive organic acidity.

Ingredients: Fruit pulp (apple and raspberry), sugar cane, glucose syrup, malto dextrins, invert sugar, amino acids (L-glutamine and taurine), raspberry flavor (raspberry flavor), aroma: essential oils of orange and lemon (orange-lemon flavor) gelling agent: pectin, acidifier: citric acid, mineral salts (magnesium oxide, zinc sulfate), coating agent: non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and carnauba wax, vitamin complex (B1, C, E).
Reference: IN-52499
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Quick Overview
"Infisport Faster Bar orange / lemon bars give you quick energy and instant protection. Faster Bar helps you not to stop. To take full advantage of its formulation, we recommend taking them immediately before and during the moments of maximum effort. Its ingestion once the training or competition is over, the glycogen deposits recover more quickly."
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Infisport Faster Energy Bars Orange Lemon (28 Pack)
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