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The practice of physical exercise produces a demand for energy. Our body manufactures this energy, fundamentally oxidizing (burning) fatty acids (fat) and glucose. The fat is the fuel that we have stored in greater quantity and therefore, it is the one that we should most use when we practice physical exercise in order to reduce fat weight and stylize our figure. But we have this fat stored in the form of chemical compounds called triglycerides (or triacylglycerides). They are units formed by a molecule of glycerin linked to three fatty acids. Therefore, the first step that must be done to be able to use it as an energy source is to break those junctions, that is, to release that fat linked to glycerin. For this L-Quid contains green tea extract, which releases the fat from its deposits breaking these chemical bonds. At the same time, its high content of polyphenolic substances (3 mg of epigallocatechins) protects us against free radicals formed by the metabolic processes of obtaining energy. Once released these fatty acids, they must penetrate into an organelle that has the muscle fibers called mitochondria: that's where they will be oxidized and transformed into the energy we need.

Infisport L-Quid contains pure L-Carnitine of the highest quality (Carnipure), which acts by transporting that fat into the metabolic boiler (mitochondria) to be transformed into energy. In this way, L-Quid helps us convert our fat into energy, thus, while we reduce body fat deposits, we increase the available energy, which is very interesting both from a sporting point of view and in diets of weightloss. In addition, recent studies indicate that taking more than 1 gram of pure L-carnitine before practicing physical exercise helps improve subsequent recovery by decreasing muscle inflammation.

Contains: Containers containing 150 gelatin capsules.

Ingredients: L-carnitine L-tartrate, green tea extract, capsule (gelatin), lubricant (magnesium stearate).

How to use: Take 3-4 capsules 15 minutes before each workout, or at the start of the three main meals of the day.
Reference: IN-71079

Quick Overview

Infisport L-QUID is suitable for those who wish to convert fat into energy, and also, protect themselves from cellular oxidation.

Quick Overview

Infisport L-QUID is suitable for those who wish to convert fat into energy, and also, protect themselves from cellular oxidation.
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