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Do you want to know more about inner tubes?

Bike inner tubes are the part of the wheel that give pressure to the wheel and allows us to move more easily. They are made of rubber and require a pressure so that the wheel can roll well.

In the wide range of components and accessories for mountain or road bicycles existing in the current market, the final weight of any product is one of the main characteristics that every manufacturer tries to keep as low as possible. Within the range of lighter products, normally oriented for competition or for higher levels, we find components of all types and sizes without exception.

You may also need some accessories for your bike inner tube, such as the valve to pump the air through. Prices may vary depending on the supplier but at Deporvillage you will find everything you are looking for your bikes.

Opinions featured in Bicycle Inner Tubes

Tip Top Tubeless Bead Sealer 1000ml
Exelent known product
Very good!!
, the
Continental Race 28 700x20-25 Presta Valve Inner Tube 80mm
Best quality and best price
Original product, when you said continental you said everything.
, the
Vittoria Kevlar Anti Puncture Tyre Liner 29"
good quality
good quality, a liitle work is needed to fit it into tire
, the
Tip-Top Box of Patches Red F0 (100 units)
Yes. Hard to find this product elsewhere
Adequate quality for road bike tyres
, the
Michelin Airstop 26x1.45-2.60 Presta Valve 40mm Inner Tube
its Michelin of course
used Michelin tubes are reliable.
, the
Continental 700x25-32 Presta Valve Inner Tube 42mm
Good product.
Easy to use.
, the
Mitas Anti-Puncture 29" Presta Tube
Great product and price
Weather terrible in UK at the moment, already had one puncture I didn't need to repair, very impressed.
, the
Vredestein 700x20-23 Presta Valve 60mm Inner Tube
Super light
light tubes with great puncture resistant
, the
Vittoria Lite 700 (25 / 32C) Presta Valve 80mm Inner Tube
Only 32C tubes with 80mm valves
I’ve just bought 25mm wide, 50mm deep carbon wheels and wanted to keep my 32C city tyres on for comfort (plus they’re new). After looking into valve extenders, realising they’re a bit hit and miss, and then realising you need tubes with removable valve cores (meaning I’d need new tubes anyway) I decided to just do the job properly and buy the right tubes for the job. Vittoria seem to be the only ones currently making tubes for 25-32C tyres with 80mm valves, so I guess that makes them my go to for now! Continental, step your game up!
, the
Continental 700x20-25 Presta Valve Inner Tube 60 mm
Spare tube.
Use it as spare tube for track bike.
, the
Massi 700X18-20-23-25 60 mm Presta Valve Inner Tube
For track bike.
So far,so good.
, the

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