Isostar , the forerunner of sports nutrition , began its activity in Switzerland in 1977 with the first exercise drink specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of athletes. From the beginning, Isostar has been involved every day and always close to athletes, whatever their level and provide them with the best nutritional solutions to help them excel and achieve their goals. To do so, Isostar is surrounded by experts such as nutritionists, technical directors, coaches, research and development engineers and elite athletes who work to optimize existing ranges and actively participate in the development of new products. He has also created a team of associated athletes from different disciplines ( running , triathlon , cycling , etc.) to have regular conversations with them and about the needs of sports nutrition , especially for their sport. For 30 years Isostar has been able to rely on experts with varied profiles to help develop the right products with their knowledge and experience. Support sports performance is not limited today to place the products at the points of sale. Isostar wants to go much further by assisting both amateurs and professionals in competitions to encourage them to improve themselves. Being in the sports field has been achieved first by the strong collaboration with running, cycling and triathlon to offer their experience to athletes and club members and work with them in the development of their products. This work is very similar to what they do with their associated clubs (Football Club of Toulouse, USAP Perpignan and Toulouse Handball). Finally, the presence of Isostar in more than 60 races during the year is also the opportunity to find athletes every weekend, meet their needs and push them towards victory.

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