Isostar Fast Hydration 500ml Isotonic Drink Orange Flavour

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Isostar Fast Hydration isotonic drink of rapid assimilation that replenishes, hydrates and refreshes, and provides energy and hydration before, during and after exercise. No artificial colours or flavourings.

- During sporting activity the body expends energy, loses fluids and mineral salts through perspiration. That is why good hydration is essential in improving sports performance.
- The new Isostar Fast Hydration formula offers an optimal energy-mineral complex that enhances athletic performance.
- It has the optimum level of sodium.
- Enriched in calcium, magnesium and vitamin B1, elements that facilitate muscle function and energy metabolism.

500 ml PET bottle.
Orange flavour.

- Drink immediately before exercise. During physical activity drink 150ml-250ml every 15 to 20 minutes. Drink also after sporting activity to allow a quick recovery.

Water, Sucrose, Glucose syrup, Acidulant: citric acid, Maltodextrin, Natural orange flavouring and other natural flavourings, Sodium citrate, Calcium phosphate, Magnesium carbonate, Sodium chloride, Potassium chloride, Stabilisers: E414 and E445, Antioxidant: E307, Vitamin B1.

Analytical Composition per 100 ml / per 500 ml (1 bottle):
Energy value 123 kJ 29 kcal / 616 kJ 145 kcal
Protein 0 g / 0 g
Carbohydrates 6.85 g / 34.3 g
of which 6 g / 30 g sugars
Fat 0 g / 0 g
Of which saturated 0 g / 0 g
Dietary fibre 0 g / 0 g
Sodium 0.048 g / 0.24 g
Calcium 32 mg / 160 mg
Magnesium 12 mg / 60 mg
Vitamin B1 0.05 mg / 0.25 mg
Energy distribution: 94.5% Carbohydrates.

Net weight: 500ml of liquid product.
Reference: IS-197576

Quick Overview

A ready-to-use isotonic drink with the optimal amount of carbohydrates and sodium.

Quick Overview

A ready-to-use isotonic drink with the optimal amount of carbohydrates and sodium.
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