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Etixx Isotonic Powder with formula 2: 1 maltodextrin (formed by glucose) / fructose + electrolytes that makes it possible to consume greater amounts of carbohydrates. Sodium ensures that liquids retain better in the body and stimulates thirst. Ideal for hot climates. Neutral pH to prevent upset stomach.

Lemon flavor

During exercise, our sweat helps us regulate body temperature. This loss of fluid can be detrimental to performance and therefore athletes must compensate with their drink and replace lost fluids. When we sweat, we lose key electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium that are essential for performance. In addition, they must also be replenished to stimulate fluid retention and the sensation of thirst. In addition, performance in prolonged exercise depends on the availability of muscle glycogen and so it is important to take carbohydrates during exercise to replenish fuel reserves. If carbohydrates are not consumed during prolonged or intense efforts, the muscle glycogen reserves will be depleted after approx. about 90 min of effort. The amount of carbohydrates you should take during exercise will depend on the duration and intensity of the training or competition.

Exercises <1h: no need to consume carbohydrates during exercise
Exercises 1-2h: 30 g of carbohydrates per hour of exercise (500 ml Isotonic)
Exercises 2-3h: 60 g of carbohydrates per hour of exercise (1 L Isotonic)
Exercises> 2.5-3h: up to 90g of carbohydrates per hour of exercise (up to 1.5L Isotonic)

Etixx Isotonic Powder contains maltodextrin and fructose. Research has shown that the consumption of multiple sources of carbohydrates can increase the absorption of fuel in the body, since they use different means to cross the intestinal wall. Therefore, during exercise, this would provide your body with more fuel in less time compared to ingesting a single sugar. In the isotonic formula of Etixx, there is a 2: 1 ratio of maltodextrin to fructose. This has the following advantages:

- the stomach will empty faster (better digestion)
- The absorption of liquids is greater
- there is a lower risk of gastrointestinal problems

Who will benefit from drinking Etixx Isotonic Powder? Etixx Isotonic Powder is a drink for all types of athletes who need to quickly restore fluid balance and replenish energy and electrolytes. It can be beneficial for all athletes, from explosive sports like sprinters, to team sports, or endurance athletes. It is also the ideal sports drink to train and compete in hot weather.

Instructions for use
Dissolve 35 g of powder (2 tablespoons = 35 g of powder) in 500 ml of water. Drink at least 500 ml per hour of effort. In warmer conditions and during intensive exercise, it is recommended to take 750 ml up to 1 L per hour.

Nutritional information
- Lemon
- Nutritional values ??For 35 g
- Energy (kcal) 125
- Energy (kJ) 529
- Fat (g) 0
- Saturated fat (g) 0
- Protein (g) 0
- Carbohydrates (g) * 30.4
- The sugars (g) 19.1
- Fiber (g) 0.03
- Salt (g) 0.69
* Lemon: Maltodextrin 33.9% - Sucrose 20% - Fructose 20% - Dextrose 14%
- Vitamins and minerals Per 35 g
- Phosphorus (mg) 321
- Magnesium (mg) 71
- Potassium (mg) 400
- Sodium (mg) 277
- Chloride (mg) 425
- Vitamin C (mg) 80
Reference: XX-3376043

Quick Overview

Isotonic drink rich in carbohydrates, in a 2: 1 combination of sugars (glucose / fructose) + electrolytes.

Quick Overview

Isotonic drink rich in carbohydrates, in a 2: 1 combination of sugars (glucose / fructose) + electrolytes.
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