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The iWatMotion story began with a dream, the vision of a group of young professionals eager to provide revolutionary products at a price that is affordable for everyone.

In 2014, the R&D department started researching about a patent developed by the University of Zhejiang that was presented in the international Canton Fair in China. This patent was based on the idea of a self-balancing electric vehicle, a concept that captivated their department and got the entire company structure working as hard as they possibly could at iWatMotion. Being an international event, it’s not surprising that companies from all over the world through themselves into developing this new concept presented at the most important electronic Fair in the world. This created a clear objective for iWatMotion, develop a product that stands out above the competition for its quality, design and superior features at a competitive price.

From there, the iWatBoard was created, the first of many revolutionary products to be developed by iWatMotion. The research started with the search for quality components for the heart of the iWatBoard, among these the batteries from market leaders stand out. Including top quality processing and materials are just some of the aspects that make the iWatBoard the best of its kind.

The next step is creating the iWatMotion, consisted in looking for a partner company that would provide the company structure and technology needed to produce these products.

With the components needed to create a reliable and quality product, the design department focused on the need to offer different market options to meet the needs of consumers and to make them attractive. As a result different versions of the iWatBoard were developed (i6, i8 e i10).

The experience gained from developing the iWatBoard encouraged them to expand their service, by creating revolutionary accessories such as the iWatKart as well as completely new products like the iWatRoad, iWatStreet and iWatSea. Each one of these new products with features and a price adapted to the different needs presented by each user.

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