Jetvalve makes the world's most complete and innovative range of cycling pumps and puncture repair. Everything created by Jetvalve is designed to meet the specific needs of cyclists around the world, whether on the road, on the trail or in the workshop. Jetvalve exists to enable cyclists to excel in their favourite sport.

The heritage of Jetvalve goes back to the 1940s, making tyre and puncture repair materials for the British Armed Forces. Since then, its range of puncture protection has expanded, incorporating the latest technologies to meet and exceed the demands of today's cyclists, whether with or without air chambers.

In its factory situated on the banks of the Humber River in the United Kingdom, Jetvalve develops and manufactures exclusive TF2 lubricants, Dirtwash cleaning products, Cyclo Tools, Jetvalve Inflation, purely ecological products, eCare for bicycles and Adie brand products.

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