Julbo was founded in 1888 by Jules Baud and after more than 120 years 100% of the company's capital is still in the hands of the Baud family. Julbo is led by two brothers, Christophe, responsible for sales and marketing, and Matthew, responsible for development. The company has 70 employees and half of their production is carried out in Julbo's own factories. Julbo are an independent family company that have their own strategy in a difficult market in which different brands belonging to different multinationals are present. A strategy that has brought them great success with 300% growth in the last 10 years, having managed to sell their products in more than 55 countries. Julbo are first and foremost a technical brand. That is why innovation is part of the entire development process along with the contribution of Team Julbo athletes, who are the ones who give feedback on this development and on the improvement of products. With this collaboration, Julbo generate new innovations every year, developing new saddle concepts to cover new sporting requirements. Julbo comply with American, European and Australian regulations, guaranteeing reliability and visual safety.

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Julbo Renegade black red sunglasses with Zebra Light Fire photochromic mirrored lenses
Renegade Rewards
Nice fit, extremely light and the lenses are super!
Julbo Run Cameleon Photochromic Sunglasses Black with Graphic
Great product
Good quality, will last for years to come. Great look.
Julbo Vermont Classic Spectron 3 Sunglasses White Blue
Beauitiful Glacier Sunglasses !! High Quality !!
I highly recommend buying from Deporvillage. Impressive company.
Julbo Vermont Classic Spectron 3 Sunglasses Blue Red
High Quality
I highly recommend Deporvillage. Buy with confidence .
Julbo Explorer 2.0 Spectron 4 Mirror Sunglasses Black Grey Brown
Great protection
Proper glasses for my high altitude himalaya trip

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