K-EDGE started in 2008 to solve a specific need in the cycling world: to prevent the cyclist's chain from derailing. The K-EDGE Chain Catcher became the first commercial solution to this problem and launched the company. Since then, cyclists have encountered new problems that negatively affected their training and have turned to K-EDGE for a high-quality solution. Whether developing the absolute best way to mount a cycling computer on the handlebars or the best way to secure an action camera on the bike, K-EDGE designs and manufactures the best products to improve cycling or racing.

The use of consumer electronics among cyclists is growing rapidly. This keeps the company focused on producing mounts of the highest quality for computers, GPS, cameras and lights. Cyclists typically mount a GPS for mapping and an action camera to record their ride with a light to see at night or to provide safety and visibility during the day. K-EDGE has put it all together, building a reputation for strength and performance to mount this suite of technology securely, cleanly and in the ideal position on the handlebars.

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