Keepgoing Full Isotonic+ Isotonic Drink 800 g Fresh Blue Flavour

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Keepgoing Full Isotonic+ 800 g fresh blue flavour isotonic drink for electrolyte replacement is ideal for long-lasting efforts. Fatigue in submaximal efforts lasting more than 30 minutes is associated with a reduction in blood glucose, loss of stored glycogen and dehydration.

The new Isotonic + features the P2MAX matrix combining a 2:1 ratio of maltodextrin to fructose. These carbohydrates and in this ratio are oxidized by different routes of assimilation given that they use different transporters, thus achieving a greater energy intake. Thanks to Isotonic + we will have a balanced supply of sodium and potassium,
magnesium, calcium and other minerals involved in the maintenance of water balance and metabolic functioning.

- Add 2 scoops of 35 g in the 500 ml bottle of water.
- Consume at least 1 bottle per hour on a regular basis during exercise, especially in situations of high perspiration and mineral loss such as in hot, high humidity and high altitude environments
Reference: KPG-8437011805959

Quick Overview

Ensures hydration. Minimises muscle cramps.

Quick Overview

Ensures hydration. Minimises muscle cramps.
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