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Kettler is a symbol of sports and leisure activity for a better quality of life. Its products are innovative, have revolutionary designs and contribute to the well-being and improvement of the physical performance of users, whether elderly or young. Since Heinz Kettler founded the company, the "Made in Germany" quality has been the brand's maxim and has been maintained over the past 60 years. Kettler still has its main and most important production centers in Germany and has more than 2,000 people working in the design, production and distribution, with quality as a fundamental principle and pillar of the corporate philosophy of the brand. In addition, Kettler is constantly working on both the selection of materials and new designs and processing techniques that are respectful of the environment.
The Kettler static bicycles are very compact and have a steel structure that provides strength and stability, and a guarantee against corrosion. They have height-leveling regulators and a balanced weight distribution to avoid dynamic vibrations.
The Kettler elliptical bikes are modern design. They usually have double handlebars, fixed and mobile, and the pedals are of great width and are multi-adjustable. As in the case of static bicycles , they have anodized steel structure that provides strength and stability, and a guarantee against corrosion and weight distribution is balanced to avoid dynamic vibrations.
Kettler treadmills have a guaranteed high continuous power. With maximum speeds of up to 20 Km / h and motorized inclination of up to 12%. Its structure allows to support users of up to 150 Kg. They have large running surfaces for greater comfort and anti-slip band.
The Kettler multistations have braided metal cable transmission with plastic coating that facilitates the sliding throughout the device, except in the 3D-Flexmotion system in which the transmission is made of high resistance polyester. The pulleys have double double row ball bearings to ensure smoothness and uniformity in the exercises, and also extend the durability of the device.
A Kettler multi-station is a versatile and multifunctional sports device for optimal strength training at home. With a Kettler multi-station you can exercise all the muscle groups of the body.
Buying fitness means improving the well-being and physical performance of young and old and Kettler's innovative products and revolutionary designs are a very good choice.

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