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Founded in March 2003 by Hugo Davidson and Malcolm McKechnie, Knog is a global brand of cycling lights and bicycle accessories based in Australia that markets its products in around fifty countries. Knog is formed by a team of creative designers and engineers who refuse to settle for what is established. What unites them is the same passion to break molds, challenge the status quo, and revolutionize the way lights and padlocks are designed and developed. Leaving the main roads and routes and rolling through the interior of the country knowing their subcultures is how they find inspiration. It is what drives them to constantly present new fresh and innovative products that allow cyclists and urban adventurers from all over the world to discover their own sense of freedom, to have fun, and to live in the moment. It's like good sex: passion, experimentation, bravery, hard work, spontaneity and humor create an exceptional product and ultimately, a great brand. At Knog they are pretty sure that when they launch well-designed products, only the design already impacts the customers, but this only represents around 10-20% of the success. The other 80-90% is equal or more important: marketing / sales, logistics, transportation, public relations, advertising, point of sale, quality assurance and consumer service.

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