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Leg warmers are widely used in the practice of different sports, including cycling . They are pieces designed to protect the muscles of the legs and, especially, the knees. There are two types of leg warmers: pirates and long.

- Pirate leg warmers or knee pads , cover from the thigh to below the knee, and are specially designed for the protection and support of this joint. -Long leg warmers , however, occupy the entire leg and, in addition to performing the function of the previous, can provide greater care to the different muscles of the lower extremities, depending on the fabric and material used.

So, the choice of one kind of leg warmer or the other will depend on the part of the leg that you wish to protect. One of the most important factors that must be taken into account when choosing leg warmers is the size. Choosing the wrong size can lead to the leg warmers constantly slipping, causing terrible discomfort, losing the security that this garment provides.

It is advisable to use legwarmers on long cycles or mountain routes because the muscles and joints suffer more in this type of cycling, and this accessory helps to reduce discomfort and promotes further recovery. Above all, it is important to use arm sleeves and leg warmers during the first kilometers of the cycle, to protect arm and knee joints and enaible the muscles to reach a good temperature quickly.

There are many materials and fabrics that are used for the manufacture of leg warmers, each with a specific utility, which help the cyclist to obtain greater safety and comfort. Among them , lycra and thermal fabrics stand out. There is also a specific fabric for water resistance, with non-slip fasteners that allow the cyclist to stay dry at all times.

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Sportful Fiandre Leg Warmers Black
Great leg warmers from Sportful
Fitting very well to the legs, very good material, heats very good the legs. Fully recommended
Alé Termico Leg Warmer Black
Excellent winter leg warmers
First class quality item
Alé K-Atmo Kneepads Black
Perfect for cold days
They provide the right amount of warmth and stay in place nicely
Sportful Fiandre Leg Warmers Black
Good quality leg warmers
Does what it says on the tin....make sure you cut off labels on inside of leg warmers otherwise the will drive you crazy while out on bike
Gore Wear C3 Thermo Leg Warmer Black
Gore leg warmers work great!
Very high quality item and they stay up and on even though my legs are burly.

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