Leisis is a brand that specializes in products that enhance and benefit aquatic education .

The Leisis products are very innovative and are designed with the most advanced technologies in the field of aquatic gymnastics. With the aquatic products Leisis can be performed countless exercises that help improve muscle performance, enhance cardio-respiratory resistance, displacement, balance and coordination.

They are very light, manageable and easy to use, suitable for all audiences and ready to be used in swimming pools, the sea or in a lake. For the aquatic teaching of the children, stand out the tapestries with load of EVA rubber, the flexible canes, the belts of learning and the floating slides. For aquatic education of children it is very important to use quality products that help them relate swimming and water gymnastics with the game and lose fear in a fun way. And with Leisis products it is possible to get children to become familiar with water quickly.

Opinions featured in Leisis

Leisis Floating Mat With Film 150x100x3 cm Blue
Amazing quality
Very pleased
Leisis Aqua-Hands Water Dumbbells Blue White
Not as firm and robust as those used in the pool.
Need to be a bit firmer. Adequate to exercise with.
Leisis Floating Disc 100x3 cm Red
As expected
Haven’t put this to use in the pool yet. Child loves it though and is looking forward to trying it out

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