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Bike lights are fundamental for being able to see or being seen in the dark, whether cycling for leisure or commuting. Thanks to these lights you can avoid accidents simply by being seen by other drivers or by avoiding falls when you do not see the terrain you are riding on.

There are two types of bike lights:

- Front lights which allow you to see the ground you are riding on and also make drivers coming in the opposite direction see where the cyclist is. These lights are clear and white, to offer a wide field of vision, in order to prevent the bike wheels from entering holes or colliding with obstacles.

- Rear lights are just a red light that lets you be detected by others who are travelling in the same direction. These red lights have different settings to attract attention; fixed, intermittent or alternating light. As well as allowing cyclists to be seen from behind, the rear lights can also be seen from the sides, in case someone approaches from your right or left.

Both the front lights and rear lights can be installed very easily on the handlebars or saddle of the bicycle respectively.

Opinions featured in Cycling Lights & Reflectives

CatEye AMPP 500 Headlight
Good visibility, good quality, good battery
Used this a few times now. Great for being seen in flash mode on long autumn rides. Perfectly good enough in dark urban roads. The build quality is good and the battery appears to be decent.
Garmin Varia RTL515 Rear Light and Radar
Enhanced safety on the bike
The unit itself is great and does exactly what the garmin videos say it does. I would have given a full star rating but I had to buy an adapter to more securely fix to bike with more than the just the thin rubber band attachment.
CatEye AMPP 1100 Headlight
Marvellous light
Cateye quality shines through again
Garmin Varia RTL515 Rear Light and Radar
Won’t cycle without it
Great item, recommend
Garmin Varia RTL515 Rear Light and Radar
Love it
Great product, really helps know whats behind you, very accurate. Like AC or Sat Nav in the car, once you have it, you won't cycle without it again. Thoroughly recommend
Infini Lava USB Headlight Black
Good quality
Bright and visible. Rechargeable soon batteries to bother about.
Garmin Varia RTL515 Rear Light and Radar
useful on the on the road with even small traffic; safety first !
LED LENSER H14.2/H14R.2 Bike Mount
Fabulous just what I need
Fitting very easy does what it says on the tin great value for money
Front safety light Cateye Orb black
does its job
Does not light the way but alerts traffic
Front and rear lights set Topeak HighLite Combo II black
Great quality and function!
Great product!
Sigma Micro LED Front Light White
Amazing for its size
It's not a light that's meant to light up a dark countryside road, but for its size it's surprisingly good
Lezyne Strip Drive Pro Rear Light 300 Lumens Black
Something to “light up my day”
Top top quality light. Simple to set up and use
CatEye AMPP 800 Headlight
Very good quality
It's very bright
Garmin Varia UT800 Smart Headlight
Good Service
Great price and quick delivery to the UK
Garmin Varia UT800 Smart Headlight
Excellent light
Although I haven't had it long, I am impressed with this light. Low light mornings and darkened evenings mean I start or finish in the dark. However the light transitions from steady lit beam to daytime flash or vice versa as needed. Admittedly I cycle fast enough to have it on full 800 lumen when it is dark, but it is useful if I stop at traffic lights or junctions that it dims. Excellent build quality and fits nicely under my head unit for a nice clean cockpit.

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