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Long bib X-Bionic Effektor Biking Power black yellow

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X Bionic
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MenBib TightsRoadMTBX Bionic Cycling Legwear X Bionic Cycling Legwear

The long bib X-Bionic Effektor Biking Power combines an effective fit with the body's cooling, thus offering greater performance. However, this shirt goes much further thanks to the combination of Effektor technology with the Partial Kompression. In addition, the impulses are directed to the large muscle areas activating the Neural Respone Effect system.

- Compression level: high
- Isolation level: light


- Neural Response Effect
Partial compression causes the peripheral nerve cells to be in a constant state of preparation, optimizing the exchange of neuronal impulses between muscles and the brain, and increasing muscle reactions, contractions and coordination. In this way, the risk of injury and exhaustion decreases.

- X-Bionic Partial Kompression
Novel system in the field of compression that provides all the advantages of this type of fabrics without neglecting the cooling.

- ISO-Pad
It allows specific isolation in different parts of the body protecting from cold and freezing. This is how the optimized ISO-Pads retain more body heat, which is necessary to ensure the function of the internal organ and protect the parts of the body most vulnerable to cooling.

- 6-Dimensional Elasticity
Knitted fabrics and flat seams offer extreme elasticity and guarantee a perfect fit.

- Two-Step 3D-Bionic Sphere System
This technology guarantees optimum grip and optimal comfort as it provides different structures that transport moisture and heat.

- Heat Transfer Zone
System that offers optimal heat dissipation.

- Intercooler
3D structure that provides a high perspiration in the upper part of the thigh so that the heat can evaporate optimally. During periods of great effort, this technology maintains the waveform on the muscle to provide isolation.

- Endurance 4000FX Bike Pad
This system adapts to the male anatomy in a perfect way and it is possible to remove the pressure of the sensitive capillaries and nerves. It does not consist of the traditional insertion of a pad sewn into the fabric, but during manufacturing the pad is removed and then inserted manually, so it is not affected by the material of the pants. This guarantees incredible fit and comfort.

- Expansion Ribs
The expansion folds ensure that the elbows do not cool even when folded, as the insulating effect is maintained through the hot air stored inside. The elasticity and flexibility they provide allows freedom of movement without friction.

- Neural Response Bandage
This system exerts a selective pressure on the muscles, so that the receptors are prepared for the action and improve the work of the muscles.

- Sphere 3D-Bionic System on the back
It guarantees an efficient ventilation and manages the humidity so that it disappears. It also includes air pockets in its structure to keep the insulation from the cold.
Reference: XB-O020630-B130
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"With the new Effektor technology your life as a cyclist will change. Compression and temperature management are combined in this high-tech X-Bionic shorts."
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Long bib X-Bionic Effektor Biking Power black yellow
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