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Lorpen was born in 1985 in Etxalar, a small town in Navarra, near the French border. Lorpen is dedicated from the beginning to the manufacture of socks, but it was not until 1998 that he started producing his outdoor socks . It grew rapidly and in 2004 it already had a presence in 45 countries. At that time they established offices in Canada and in 2006 they started producing also in Mexico for the markets of North America, Asia and Oceania. Currently, Lorpen is the market leader in technical socks in many countries and is in an advantageous position in 65 countries.

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Lorpen T3 Ski Polartec Warm Active Socks Blue Black
The best socks
Perfect fit. Flat seams don't annoy you at all. Improves the cohesion between your foot and the ski boot

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