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Do you want to know more about lubes and cleaners?

Every cyclist needs a cleaning and maintenance kit to keep their bike in perfect condition.


Cleaners are products designed specifically to clean the bicycle without damaging the components or paintwork. Depending on your requirements, you may need anything from a powerful dirt cleaner to a polish to give your bike a gleaming touch. There are specific products for cleaning certain parts, such as cleaners for brake discs and rim polishers, for your bike to spin efficiently.

Oils and Greases

To keep your bike in good condition you are recommended to grease some parts for proper daily operation. Grease is used for parts with bearings (headset, hubs and bottom bracket) or to seal parts such as screws, the bottom bracket, the seat post and quill stems. Whereas, oil is used to lubricate parts with mechanical joints, such as drivetrain and brakes.


Brushes for cleaning bicycles are designed to reach the most inaccessible corners. They are especially useful for removing all types of dirt and grease from the drivetrain (cassette, chainrings, derailleurs, chain, pedals, bottom brackets and V-Brake cams). They can also be used to clean hard-to-reach areas of the rim and tyre. The purpose of brush cleaning is to degrease the parts that are normally lubricated to be able to subsequently grease on clean.


Degreasers give your bike an impeccable finish. It is important to rinse it off well so that when returning to grease, the residues of degreaser don’t eliminate the layer of lube. You also have to pay attention when applying it, since you have to avoid the most delicate parts, such as the hubs and the bottom bracket.

Brake fluids

Brake fluid is used in hydraulic brake systems, to achieve outstanding performance. There are different types of brake fluids according to their density DOT (3, 4 or 5.1), which is proportionally related to the boiling point of the liquid (DOT 3 at 205º, DOT 4 at 230º and DOT 5.1 at 260º). It is recommended not to mix brake fluids of different ratings, because the seals and tubes are specially manufactured for a specific DOT.


Lube can be applied to the chain, derailleurs, brakes and cables. For this reason, it is crucial to use products designed to maintain an excellent care of the bicycle.

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