The history of Lurbel dates back to the early 90s when the Lurbe family started manufacturing what would be the company's driving force in the beginning: hosiery. During the first ten years, Lurbel offered functional hosiery of a high quality, a rotation product to the hosiery market, bringing the quality of the brand closer to a large public and succeeding in establishing themselves as a leading brand in hosiery. At the end of the nineties, the concern and the continuous connection of the Lurbe brothers with sport, motivated the new direction of the firm to go further and offer more and more technical products. In this new stage, Lurbel always ensured that quality and precision passed through the control of the entire production process: from the choice of the best textile technologies to finishing and adapting each garment to the requirements of each sport. The final qualitative leap in Lurbel took place in 2007 with their commitment to innovation, offering exclusive Regenactiv technology, a cutting-edge technology with regenerative properties that has revolutionised the hosiery market. This point, which has marked a before and after in Lurbel, has placed the firm as a benchmark and pioneer in regenerative garments. To the extent that the success of this technology has made it possible to strengthen Lurbel as a brand and position it as a benchmark always at the forefront of R & D. Nowadays, Lurbel is a dynamic firm, in constant international expansion, that evolves offering high performance technical garments, for indoor sports and outdoor sports, with technical features for both beginners and high performance athletes. The challenge for the future of Lurbel is to always be alert, capturing the needs of athletes, trying to anticipate the most effective and innovative response and evolve together with an increasingly demanding market.
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Lurbel Shade Visor Pink Black
such a great design
works well
Liz, the 14 February 2020
Lurbel Rally Compression Arm Warmers Orange Black Logo
godd product
high quali fits well
Peter, the 5 June 2019
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