Marker Squadron+ Ski Goggles Black with Blue HD Polarized Lens

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The Marker Squadron+ ski goggles with a polarised lens have all the best features and also incorporate a multicoloured strap and leather details. The progressive and innovative large-fitting design with V-Split bridge ensures a very wide field of vision, superior ventilation and comfort in use. The high-quality cylindrical lenses with NMT coating are magnetically attached to the invisible frame. This technology, along with the included replacement lenses, allows the lenses to be changed at the speed of light, so the mask user is perfectly equipped to face all light conditions.

All lenses are made with a double construction with integrated thermal insulation. They follow the curvature of the human eye and this allows for more precise, distortion-free vision. The Blue HD mirror lens is polarized, rated Category S3, and the Clarity mirror replacement lens is rated Category S1.

- Blue HD mirror lens - The tinting of the blue polarized smoked base mirror lens absorbs maximum stray light, increasing visual accuracy. The high-performance lens for bright days reduces glare and eye fatigue. (Cat. S3)
- Light transmission rate: 12%
- Polarized Blue HD Mirror Lens
- Strap with non-slip silicone
- Mark Air Channel Ventilation System
- Cylindrical lens
- One size - L
- Magnetic lens system
- NMT Optics Coating
- 100 % UV A/B/C
- Triple layer of XDRY foam
- Includes neoprene box + microfiber goggle case
- Includes second Clarity mirror replacement lens (Cat. S1)
- Certification(s): CE-EN-174-2001-optical-Class-1

- Plus Series
Neoprene box
All Plus goggles come in a lightweight neoprene box with a zipper for easy transport and storage. The soft lining protects the glasses, while the ventilation holes allow rapid evaporation of moisture.
Second Lens
Includes a Clarity mirror lens for low light conditions.

- NMT Optics (3rd eyelid)
Marker has developed the revolutionary NMT Optics coating for all lenses (excluding 4:3). It works in a similar way to the nictitating membrane that many animals have in their eyes as additional protection. NMT Optics (Nictitating Membrane Technology) is a highly scratch-resistant surface that always offers the best possible visibility. It prevents water, grease and dust from sticking and moisture disappears immediately. Fingerprints, dust and sweat do not have a surface to adhere to and can therefore be easily removed. Our lenses with NMT coating offer clear visibility for years.

- Polarized Lenses
Marker polarized lenses made from CT (Tri Acetate Cellulose) stand out for their superior visual accuracy compared to other lenses. They absorb a maximum of scattered light to provide extreme contrast enhancement. The result is a more clearly defined, reflex-free view that allows you to see and evaluate the terrain more effectively.

- Mark Air Vent System
The frames of all the goggles are equipped with the progressive Mark Air Vent system. The design and ventilation have been made simultaneously to allow perfect lens ventilation, and the continuous air flow along the helmet is due to the Mark Air Channel system. This keeps the inside of the lens dry and free of mist. The breathable foam that protects the air inlets and outlets reliably prevents the entry of snow and moisture.

- XDRY Triple Layer face foam
Extremely comfortable and extra soft is the three-layer XDRY construction helps produce an optimal fit and outstanding performance. The soft outer layer that touches the skin absorbs moisture and transports it away from the skin.

- Supefit Frame Design
Marker eyewear stands out because of its perfectly adapted shape and superior functionality. The shape of the spectacle frames and the materials used in the glasses play a decisive role in this. We manufacture all Elastrogran Supefit Frames with high elasticity (made in Germany), which means that the glasses automatically adjust to the contour of the wearer's face. Elastrogran retains its full flexibility, regardless of the cold. The V-Split nose also helps ensure that these goggles fit like no other, as they automatically adapt to the shape of the nose and seal without pinching or pressing.

- Marker Helmet/Goggle integration
The helmet and goggles must be perfectly fused to function as an optimal functioning unit. To achieve this, Marker products are 100% harmonized with each other. All helmets and goggles are designed to precisely tune the shape of the other element and harmonize with its lines. This perfect fit is a requirement for optimal aerodynamic performance with helmet and goggles. The Mark Air Channel ventilation system in the helmet, combined with the Mark Air Vent System in the goggles, ensures superior performance and airflow. The ingenious air inlet and outlet ventilation system, combined with a network of channels in the helmet, significantly reduces fogging of the goggles and allows the user to customize air circulation. The result: the temperature inside the helmet is suitable for both the outside temperature and the skier's effort levels.

- Anti-Slip Silicon
The high-quality, durable rubber of the goggles distributes the pressure around the head for a perfect fit without irritating the pressure points. Thanks to the heat-applied silicone coating inside the rubber, they sit firmly on any helmet for non-slip performance.
Reference: MRK-169350.15.12.3

Quick Overview

Very fast and efficient lens changing system thanks to the built-in magnetic strips.

Quick Overview

Very fast and efficient lens changing system thanks to the built-in magnetic strips.
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