Matrix Recumbent R50 XR Recumbent Bicycle

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The Matrix Recumbent R50 XR Recumbent Bike includes the unique Dual Form frame, Comfort Arc seat, Exact Force induction brake and XR display that features a clear, bright screen that makes it easy for users to check training data, keeping them on track to meet and exceed their goals. The Dual Form frame significantly improves rider stability through the unique seatpost design and offers a low ride height for easy access, as well as a climb assist platform that provides safe footing stability.

The Comfort Arc seat has been ergonomically moulded to provide unrivalled comfort, support and balance during training. The large reclining backrest enhances comfort, and the carefully contoured mesh backrest provides ventilation to prevent heat from passing through while cycling. The Exact Force induction brake allows instant, smooth and precise resistance changes at the touch of a button, with no moving parts, and is also quieter and more durable.

- Comfort Arc Seat
- Dual Form Frame
- Large reclining mesh backrest
- Induction brake Exact Force
- 5 exercise programs: Manual, Mountain Climbing, Intervals (Incline), Target RC (Speed), Sprint 8
- Wifi activated: Press the 'Wifi connection and sync' button to connect the XR display to the wireless home network for software updates and ViewFit connection.
- Polar heart rate technology: Integrated Polar heart rate technology gives you the most accurate heart rate measurement a fitness machine can get (Polar Heart Rate Tape is not included with the XR console)
- Energy saving mode: Power Save mode helps conserve electricity by putting the console into sleep mode if it is idle for more than 15 minutes, while allowing for a quick restart.

R50 Reclining Bike Specifications:
- Frame type: Inclined Dual Form without top bar
- Inertia flywheel set: Induction brake Exact Force
- Space between pedals: 7.6'
- Resistance system: Induction brake Exact Force
- Range of resistance: 30 electronically adjustable levels
- Frame type: Inclined
- Type of saddle: Comfort Arc with reclining mesh back
- Saddle adjustment: Forward/backward by means of a convenient adjustment lever
- Handlebar type: Saddle mounted with resistance switches and heart rate sensor grips with front grips
- Pedal type: Self-balancing pedals with adjustable straps
- Accessories: Bottle holder
- Electrical requirements: 120 V AC supply, 15 A circuit (voltage may vary outside the USA)
- Resistance: 30 electronic parameters
- Dimensions: (L × W × H) 183 x 64 x 136 cm / 72' x 25' x 54'
- Weight of the apparatus: 78 kg / 171.6 lbs
- Maximum user weight: 158 kg / 350 lbs
- Minimum - maximum height of the user: 150 cm and 193 cm

XR console specifications:
- Power source: 12V / 2A power adapter
- Display type: 8.5 in (22 cm) extra wide blue LCD
- Wifi enabled: ViewFit Connectivity
- Bluetooth enabled: NO:
- USB port: Internal USB port for software updates
- Speakers: NO:
- Console applications: NO:
- Virtual Active Built-in: NO:
- Compatible with Passport: Yes
- ViaFit Connectivity: Yes
-Heart rate: Wireless heart rate monitor, compatible with Polar
- Console extras: Integrated reading support, energy saving mode
- Training programs: 5 in total: manual, intervals, fat burning, target HR and Sprint 8
- Training information: Elapsed time, time remaining, miles/kilometers, RPM, pace, heart rate, calories, METs, speed, endurance

- ViewFit:
(No suggestions) is the integrated workout data connectivity system for fitness apps and tools that clients already use and share data on social networks.

- Passport Ready:
It offers customers an immersive training experience with high-definition images synchronized with the speed of the workout.
Reference: MTX-R50XR

Quick Overview

Discover a more relaxed way to pedal with a stable and versatile bike that is easy to access and offers a reclined design that distributes weight comfortably and maximizes support.

Quick Overview

Discover a more relaxed way to pedal with a stable and versatile bike that is easy to access and offers a reclined design that distributes weight comfortably and maximizes support.
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