Mavic Comete Ultimate MIPS Helmet Orange

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Mavic Comete Ultimate MIPS Helmet Orange
The Mavic Comete Ultimate MIPS helmet is the most advanced multipurpose road racing helmet ever created by Mavic. Designed to cut the wind and give you an aerodynamic advantage, while providing uncompromising protection and comfort. At only 215 g, it's super light. With its completely new aerodynamic shape, wind tunnel tests show that it offers an advantage when sprinting, while maintaining full ventilation on ascents. Despite its aerodynamic shape, it doesn't sacrifice comfort thanks to a unique adaptive adjustment system that moulds to the head and an innovative automatic strap system that forms a lighter, simpler grip that doesn't twist or tangle around the ears. Best of all is its improved impact protection thanks to the excellent combination of two innovative safety technologies. Firstly, it uses EPS-4D technology, which offers 30% greater shock absorption than a standard EPS structure.

MIPS is the leading helmet slip plane technology, designed to reduce rotational impact of certain knocks. When the head rotates rapidly and comes to a sudden stop, the rotational acceleration can cause high levels of stress in the brain tissue. The tissue strain caused by these movements can result in various types of brain injuries. We believe that helmets equipped with MIPS technology bring the highest level of protection against certain types of impacts. MIPS uses a slip plane technology that moves inside the helmet, mimicking the same protection system that the brain uses. This layer is designed to rotate inside the helmet with the aim of potentially slowing or reducing the amount of energy transferred to or from the head. Science shows that if we can reduce the stress associated with rotational acceleration, we can reduce the risk and severity of brain damage.

- Unique combination of security technologies for maximum protection
- Combination of EPS-4D and MIPS. EPS-4D technology for 30% higher shock absorption than a normal EPS structure
- MIPS technology reduces rotational motion transmitted to the brain by angled knocks to the head
- Prepared for competition with the best aerodynamic shape and ventilation
- Optimised shape minimises drag
- Airflow ducts and orifices designed for maximum ventilation
- Comfort for all-day rides
- Live Fit SL technology offers an adaptive fit without weight gain thanks to XRD visco-elastic foam
- Exclusive Autofit system offers a perfect fit without tangled straps irritating the chin
- The superlight retention system offers optimal adjustablity, comfort and head support
- CX form
- Shock Protection EPS 4D
- Live Fit SL
- Pillow 37.5
- Autofit
- Sunglasses holder
- Ergo Hold SL retention system
- Compatible for ponytails
- Delivered with included transport bag
- Reflective details
Reference: MV-L41005600

Quick Overview

Built for speed, this winning helmet gives you a sporting advantage, all-day comfort and improved safety features. Safety, speed and comfort.

Quick Overview

Built for speed, this winning helmet gives you a sporting advantage, all-day comfort and improved safety features. Safety, speed and comfort.
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