Michelin Wild MUD Advanced Reinforced Cover 29x2.25 TS MAGI-X

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Michelin Wild MUD Advanced Reinforced cover 29x2.25 TS MAGI-X with extraordinary performance in mud both in grip, braking and motricity and especially in debarking thanks to a new design of twisted studs "Twisted" to facilitate the disembarking and regrooving thanks to the technology "CUTALBE BLOCKS" and a height of the studs and small steps on its top that give the roof an optimal penetration in the deepest of the mud looking for hard soil and adherence. In contact with the ground, the twisted "Twisted" taquitos deform (become straight) under braking / traction efforts. When they are no longer in contact with the ground, they return to their initial position. This movement back to its position, helps to expel the mud from the taquitos and ensures a very good evacuation that guarantees a motor
and exceptional braking.

The new MICHELIN reesculturable pattern offers a reference surface for its cutting with a net, precise, simple and fast result in order to
to guarantee optimal performance. A specially adapted rubber mix: MAGI-Xseries and a "MICHELIN REINFORCED" architecture specially designed for Enduro practice.

Width (inch): 2.25
Diameter (inch): 29
Aro: Flexible
Weight: 1050
CFI: 30
Pressure (bar); 1,8 / 4
Pressure (psi): 26/58
Camera: A4
Reinforcement: Yes
Tubeless Ready: Yes
Gums: MAGI-X

MICHELIN Advanced Technology
The technology that changes everything. The "Advanced Technology" covers benefit from superior performance thanks to their specifications in drawing, rubber mixtures (GUM-X series) or in their housing architecture (Reinforced Technology).

MICHELIN MAGI-X series is the latest generation of BTT compounds developed for Enduro use. Developed and used in competition "Enduro World series", these high-performance rubber blends offer exceptional grip in cornering and braking in the most demanding conditions. MICHELIN MAGI-Xseries is primarily intended for front mounting. The Bibendum Council: Mounted in front of the roofs with MICHELIN MAGI-Xseries technology and behind the roofs with MICHELIN GUM-Xseries technology will provide maximum security and the necessary control to the most demanding riders.

MICHELIN Reinforced Technology
For an even more resistant case. Thanks to its supplementary rim-to-rim protection tarpaulin, MICHELIN Reinforced technology improves the carcass's resistance against external aggressions on the sidewalls and reduces the punctures caused by pinch impacts. This technology adapts very well to the practice of Enduro.

MICHELIN Cuttable Blocks
This exclusive and patented technology facilitates the regrooving operations of the covers. In mixed and muddy terrain, pilots practicing Enduro or DH usually regrind the decks to obtain a greater grip and precision of riding in mixed terrain. The regrooving operations are complicated for the pilots. It is necessary to define well the height to be trimmed and to be able to make it identical in all the studs without degrading the performance of the roof. This operation can be long and sometimes not obtain a satisfactory result.

Aramid rings, designed to be flexible and lightweight. To design its bike covers, MICHELIN uses two types of hoops, flexible hoops (TS) and rigid rings (TR). The flexible rings invented and perfected by MICHELIN are exclusively made of aramid fiber, which is also found in bulletproof vests. This textile fiber offers a high resistance to extension with a very light weight. These rings offer therefore the peculiarity of being very light and resistant, this allows weight gains of 40 to 70 grams per cover. The high performance MICHELIN Road and MTB tires are all flexible hoops.
Reference: MC-311A1

Quick Overview

Enduro cover for muddy terrains.

Quick Overview

Enduro cover for muddy terrains.
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