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Micro emerged in 1999 from an idea that Swiss bank administrator Wim Ouboter had. One day, on his way to work, he realised he needed a method of transport to use for short journeys, that occupied little space and could also be a means of exercise. With all this in mind, Micro created the new concept of the scooter. Ouboter developed the original scooter (invented in 1895) and created a new lighter and stronger version which could be folded easily and compactly. He also turned the modern scooter into a vehicle that could be enjoyed by the littlest ones as a toy as well as adults as a method of daily transport. Micro quickly became a benchmark company within the urban mobility sector and their products are now used by millions of people worldwide. The brand has also been the winner of several international awards and has been safety and quality certified by the European Union. Micro is today the only company in the world that is dedicated, exclusively, to the manufacture of scooters. Among their main products are the Mini Micro, scooter created with the help of Swiss paediatricians and designed to improve motor development and body coordination of children from 2 to 5 years. In order to continue accompanying children in the following stages of their growth, the Maxi Micro was developed, perfect for children from 6 years old. Currently, they sell urban scooters for adults as well as sportier ones designed for stunts. They have also developed a wide range of accessories and protections such as helmets, knee pads and backpacks for their scooters.

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