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Do you want to know more about running accessories?

The accessories of running are external accessories to the basic equipment of running that help the runner to make of this activity a more comfortable and comfortable training. They emphasize the lanterns, gloves and wristbands.

- Running torches . For the practice of this sport in winter, or time at which light is scarce, it is very important to go well lit, both to see the way and not stumble, so that others can see you. For this, clothes with reflective strips and flashlights are used. The most demanded flashlights are the headlights, that is, those that are placed on the head, because they provide good lighting and comfortable portability. - Running gloves . In cold weather it is advisable to protect hands from wind and humidity to avoid illnesses caused by cold, such as the common cold or flu. That is why it is important to use gloves when doing routes in winter or at very early hours. It is important that the gloves are made of breathable materials to avoid excess heat and keep the skin dry at all times. - Running wristbands . In addition to protecting the wrists from possible injuries during running, the wrist straps are very useful for absorbing sweat quickly. In this way, when choosing a wrist straps it is important to look at the manufacturing fabric, it must be breathable, that has a ventilation system and air circulation, that has no seams to prevent chafing on the skin, that fits perfectly to the wrist and that has an antibacterial treatment, to prevent the growth of bacteria and odors, and maintain the sensation of freshness.

Each running accessory has several different models, adaptable to different situations, which the runner should choose according to their needs and the type of route they want to do.

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