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Do you want to know more about accessories for triathlon?

The accessories for triathlon are accessories that make the practice of this sport more comfortable. They facilitate the athletes the intake of liquids or energetic foods, and the control of their times during the race, among other things.

To successfully overcome the three tests that make up the triathlon competition, the triathletes must be hydrated at all times and eat energy foods to maintain energy and not decay. For this, the following accessories for triathlon stand out :

- Portadorsal belt . It is compulsory for the triathlete to wear the bib number in a visible place throughout the competition. For this purpose, the portadorsal belt can be used, which, in addition to wearing the bib, allows the athlete to carry the energy supply. It is a very comfortable supplement that facilitates the intake of nutrients. - Aerodynamic drum . These drums allow you to store up to one liter of water or any other liquid. They are very comfortable and quick to use, they provide optimal hydration and without damaging the aerodynamic position on the bicycle. To carry them, a drum holder is necessary. This support is placed on the extensions of the handlebar of the bicycle.

Another useful supplement for triathletes is the chip running. With this chip it is possible to control the times of the races, compare them, access statistics, know the times of the rest of the participants, etc.

In general, the triathlon supplements help to improve the resistance and facilitate the practice of this sport, making it more comfortable and comfortable.

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