Morgan Blue


In 1994 Nick Vandecauter, a former Lotto team mechanic, requested the production of oil for bicycles and Morgan Oils responded to the request by developing various types of lubricants. After extensive testing of these oil samples Morgan Oils began to sponsor the Belgian team Lotto and the French team Casino, without reaching the distribution of products in the bicycle industry. In a next stage, Morgan Oils developed a chain cleaner. By adding certain additives, the degreaser became blue and many people started talking about Morgan Blue , which became the new name of the company. Distribution in Belgium began with the release of an oil, degreaser and grease. Over the years, the range of products for the maintenance of the bicycle was extended and in 2005 even massage products were added, in order to offer a complete package for the bicycle sector. Morgan Blue produces products of exceptional quality, both for the bicycle and for the cyclist. All are manufactured locally to meet exacting standards and to offer the highest level of performance. For the bicycle Morgan Blue produces lubricants , greases, cleaning and maintenance products for all applications and stations. For the runner, it has a range of heating oils, soaps and creams with natural ingredients that have been tested in the Tour. The company is represented all over the world from China to Australia, from Norway to South Africa, from the USA. to Japan ? Year after year Morgan Blue sponsors more and more professional cycling teams. Today more than 60% of the chains and more than 20% of the legs in the Tour peloton pedal with Morgan Blue. More than 20 professional cycling teams choose their products. This collaboration is not limited to providing products to the teams, there is an interaction thanks to the close cooperation with the mechanics, coaches and the runners themselves. This feedback from the professionals is used to improve the products continuously and it was also a signal for the company to start producing competitive lubricants.

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