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Do you want to know more about MTB bicycles?

MTB bicycles are the traditional mountain bike, therefore, they are used to make mountain routes. To avoid setbacks and be well prepared to the difficult roads, it is important to be clear about the characteristics of this type of bicycle.

In general, the wheels of MTB bicycles oscillate 26 inches in diameter. However, increasingly, those of 29 are being in high demand by cyclists . They can have two to three plates and nine to eleven pinions, which means that they reach up to 33 gears, approximately.

When choosing the size of the frame, the height and weight of the cyclist must be taken into account. The size is determined by the length of the upper tube, which runs from the saddle to the handlebar, and we find from the XS to the XXL.

Another important aspect to take into account when choosing a MTB bike is the style of mountain biking that you want to practice. Depending on whether the bicycle is going to be used for driving on tracks, cross-country, downhill or steep climbs or a mixture of all styles, the bicycle must be rigid or with double suspension. - Rigid . They are those MTB bicycles that only carry front suspension. They are lighter, weigh less and this helps to make pedaling more efficient. - Double suspension . They are those MTB bicycles that have front and rear suspension.

For a general use of the MTB bicycle the double suspension is recommended.

It is very important not to forget the use of helmet and gloves in mountain biking to better cushion the falls and prevent possible injuries or bruises especially in the head.

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