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Do you want to know more about the bike fenders?

The fender is one of the most useful and practical components of the bicycle, especially for driving on rainy days and on sandy, wet, muddy, gravel, etc. terrain. This component is held in the front and rear forks , framing each of the wheels of the bicycle.

The main function of the fender is to protect the cyclist from the dirt on the asphalt or ground he is traveling. On the roads there are different waste such as sand, mud, gravel and liquids that due to the bearing of the bicycle can be thrown into the air and, consequently, hinder the ride of the cyclist causing some discomfort. Therefore, in addition to preventing both the bicycle and the cyclist from getting dirty, the use of this very useful component will also serve to prevent possible accidents that could occur.

There are different types of fenders for bicycles . On the one hand, there is the option of choosing ones that are fixed so that they remain permanently on the bike and, on the other hand, there is the possibility of opting for fenders that are to be removed and put on. These last ones are very practical and simple to install and their assembly, unlike those that are fixed, does not require much time.

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SKS Bluemels Shiny 53 mm 28" Mudguard Set Black
Good stuff!
Lightweight, easy to fit and durable! I use theese fenders on my gravel bike with 650 wheels and 47 mm tyres. They fit perfect and I stay dry!
, the
Zéfal Trail 700 Mudguard Set Black
Very nice
Very satisfied with the purchase
, the
Topeak DeFender M1 27.5"-29” Front Mudguard
Good quality mudguard
Recommend this for mountain bikes
, the
SKS Bluemels 75 U 65 mm 27'5"/29" Mudguard Set Black
Mud guards
Fits well and dose the job of a mud gaurd
, the
Fender set SKS Raceblade Pro white
Good qaulity
, the

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