Nalgene manufactures totally reliable hydration systems, Drums and bottles resistant, that do not drip or leave flavor. for Nalgene what is important? always inside. All its products are manufactured in Rochester, New York, and are subjected to strict quality processes, which have allowed obtain certifications such as ISO 13485 or registration in the US Food and Drug Administration as Good Manufacturng Practices. And they keep improving, because what matters It is customer satisfaction.

Nalgene bottles and caps have a large continuous thread and It fits perfectly to create a totally hermetic system inside that prevents the drip and losses. The sturdy stoppers fit perfectly in the bottles. I dont know wear or scratch from use and do not drip. In addition, they incorporate a security washer to avoid its loss. The uniformity and thickness of the walls of the containers Nalgene makes them much more resistant to impacts than most other Market bottles and the curved bottom facilitates cleaning. Each bottle has a recorded code in the background to facilitate recycling when the bottle is no longer used. All the products Nalgene are manufactured with top quality materials that comply with the standards of the US Food and Drug Administration and that are free of Bisphenol A.

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