Nautilus E916 Elliptical Trainer

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The Nautilus ® Comercial Series E916 Elliptical Trainer has a unique Remote Operation Control ® technology (ROC®) built into the grips so that users can both start the workout and change intensity levels without moving their hands.
Elliptical machine without power cables, will allow you to put it exactly where you want.
It is very quiet and will offer exceptional performance without maintenance, since it has a multi-track operation.
The l-Glide ® bushing is sweat resistant and reduces vibrations for smoother and quieter workouts.
Elliptical Nautilus® E916 is equipped with the exclusive My Stride® system which adjusts automatically to adapt to the stride length of each user from the beginning to the end of the movement.

The professional line in elliptical machines used in gyms and other sports facilities has to withstand very demanding and prolonged uses.
For this reason, this Nautilus ® cardiovascular machine is tested in the most demanding environments and under the most extreme performance conditions. Always with users with the maximum weight and for more than 1000 hours.

This machine allows everyone to train, from great athletes to occasional users and with all possible training objectives. The Console will give you the opportunity to choose among many programs and train with 20 different resistance levels. The EV 916 monitor has a backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) that eliminates reflections, even when the device is located in front of a window. The software shows key workout data, so that users can easily record their progress. The operation of the Nautilus® screens is simple and intuitive.

New design featuring larger viewing console with integrated reading panel; practical and universal water bottle holder and storage area; a more vertical design with extremely stable supports; trims to improve the overall appearance eliminating the possibility of interference between users; front transport wheels; and adjustable legs that do not damage flooring.

The Nautilus® E916 Elliptical has an electronic control brake that acts precisely to lower the pedal from a 45.7 cm step extension to allow a wide range of users to workout within their own comfort zone.
The pedals have padded platforms that offer great comfort to the user.
The structure is a combination of tube and welded steel.
The heart rate monitor is wireless, with contact sensors built into the handles of the upper arms.
The E916 has an inovative patented 4-axis system integrated in the foot pedal, and follows the natural movement of the feet during the entire elliptical movement. This allows for greater comfort and biomechanical efficiency, leading to better results.

Technical Features:
Stride Technology; SyncLink® 18" / 45,8 cm articulating foot pedals
Drive System; Multi Belt Drive
Resistance; Custom alternator
With Roc® system
Display; LCD C51 retro illuminated and customized
Languages; English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese
Wireless Power Requirements
Workout Levels; twenty
Workout Programs; 9
Heart Rate Monitor Programs; yes
Heart Rate Control; Contact heart rate sensors and wireless telemetry.
Compatible with CSAFE; Yes
Dimensions; Static 208 L x 51 W x 157 H cm, Maximum length in use 220 L x 51 W x 157 H cm
Maximum User Weight; 400lb / 181 kg.
Weight; 325 lb. / 168 Kg.
Shipment Weight; 325 lb. / 147 kg.
Colour; Structure; New Nautilus®, Exterior Silver; Graphite
Reference: NA-100156

Quick Overview

“You will have endless training possibilities with this elliptical trainer. You will achieve great results training with a perfect machine.”

Quick Overview

“You will have endless training possibilities with this elliptical trainer. You will achieve great results training with a perfect machine.”
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