Nautilus T916 Treadmill

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The Nautilus® T916 commercial series treadmill is designed to be used by anyone and with all requirement levels possible. It's exclusive Remote Operation Control ® technology (ROC ®) places the basic start, stop and tilt control keys within easy reach of users.

With the new third generation system AC Hyperdrive® more power provided to the belt than in any other treadmill motor. Resulting in a stronger platform and belt, more precise speed control and a smooth and fluid movement.
Nautilus® T916 has been designed to facilitate the learning process of this cardiovascular machine. The T916 console includes three easy-to-use program buttons, including a 5-minute demonstration for a full tutorial on how to use it.
Preprogrammed itineraries can be easily changed during training.
The running surface is very wide, 22 inches (56 cm).
Its welded steel structure offers great strength and stability. It has a 13 gauge (2.3 mm) frame and front and rear crowned rollers of 3-inch (7.6 cm) .
The maintenance-free 4-ply belt is lubricated to prolong it's lifespan. The platform includes a reversible and durable high density deck of 1 inch (2.5 cm).
The REACT® absorption control technology protects the ankles, knees, hips and back as it offers the most advanced and dynamic cushioning system available. This system is ideal for all athletes, from those who walk to those who train intensely. Whatever your pace, whatever your stride, regardless of the inclination used, the REACT® system will adjust dynamically. In this way, the surface will never be too hard or too soft.

Nautilus® T916 Treadmill includes a custom-designed C52 liquid-crystal display (LCD) backlit in deep blue, with high contrast and high resolution. It will be easy to read, even in broad daylight or under the brightest lights. This console gives you the choice of several professionally designed training programs, including advanced physical tests, interval exercises, and heart rate control programs.

The professional line used in gyms and other sports facilities has to withstand very demanding and prolonged use.
For this reason, this Nautilus ® cardiovascular machine is tested in the most demanding environments and in the most extreme performance conditions.

Technical Features:
Speed Range: 0.8-19.3 kph
Incline Range: 0-15%
Drive Motor: 4.8 hp AC with Hyperdrive ® system
Deck Suspension: REACT ® system
Belt Construction: 4-ply premium lubricated belt
Walking Surface: 56 cm x 160 cm
Frame: 13-gauge (2.3 mm) welded steel main frame
Rollers: Crowned, front and rear 3" (7.6 cm)
With Roc® system
Plugs: 2, front and rear
Display: LCD C52 retro illuminated and customised
Power Requirements: 220V
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese
Workout Programs: 5 minute Demonstration, Manual Random Training, Fat
Burning, Burning Calories, Target Distance, Nautilus ® Physical Test,
Physical Firefighters, Military Test and Custom Intervals.
Heart Rate Control Programs: Speed and inclination controls, constant and in intervals.
Heart Rate Control: Contact sensors and wireless telemetry.
Dimensions: 35" W x88" L / 89 W x 224 L cm.
User Weight Capacity: 400lb / 181 kg.
Treadmill Weight: 370 lb. / 168 Kg.
Shipment Weight: 430 lb. / 196 kg.
Colour; Structure; New Nautilus ®, Exterior Silver; Graphite
Reference: NA-100157

Quick Overview

Your perfect track to run and carry out quality training. It will help you improve your physical shape.

Quick Overview

Your perfect track to run and carry out quality training. It will help you improve your physical shape.
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