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Northwave is one of the most recognised cycling equipment brands. The Italian brand specialises in cycling shoes and clothes such as bib shorts, jerseys and sunglasses. The Northwave brand perfectly combines the quality of its products with a successful design. The Northwave shoes feature Aerlite technology composed of single carbon and a ventilation system that help keep the foot cool during physical effort.

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Northwave Multicross MTB Shoes Green Grey Brown
I have tried them out only a couple of times, they feel very good, comfortable and reliable on the bike, and also good grip when walking
Northwave Rockit Shoes Black Brown
Ideal for cycling with clips
It is lightweight, good quality, comfortable, rigid, but allows you to walk with some comfort. I wish the tongue was attached to the rest of the shoe, and not just the toe area. As it moves, it lets in dust, sand, etc. It is rather urban or for "clean" routes.

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