NutriSport Carbo Drink Energy Drink 500ml Strawberry Flavour (1 unit)

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The NutriSport Carbo Drink Energy Drink is designed for athletes who need an extra energy boost before, during, or after exercise to boost their performance. Carbo Drink is an energy drink that provides 100 g of carbohydrates (fast and slow absorption) per bottle, meaning 400 Kcal for unlimited energy and training at high intensity. Carbohydrates are indispensable nutrients as an energy source during exercise and to replace it afterwards.

- Presentation: 1 unit of 500 ml
- Usage: Take before, during, and after exercise.
Reference: NU-2005-1

Quick Overview

Perfect for facing your workouts with more energy.

Quick Overview

Perfect for facing your workouts with more energy.
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